Just ask and you will be answered.   Reason why I love him so much?
Look at his sincere and angelic smile. Yes, because of his smile. Uh wait, maybe sometimes he looks like an idiot. Opps


i love it when fans spotted Lee Hi at YG building. LOOK AT HOW SMALL SHE IS! 

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Lee Hi during CL/Hyori’s TBF performance  

cr ^^

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hayi’s cute reaction to t.o.p’s question ^^

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lee jong suk's incredibly sexy dance moves in blood boiling youth

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zico on radio star

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zico on radio star.

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F- “For 8 months, he reflected and shaved his head… all the while receiving suicide petitions… it got to the point where even the Thai people said it was going too far and that it was okay. “

Z- “I should have been sincere, and I want to apologize for it again. I’m still self-reflecting on it now and always thinking before I open my mouth.”

How many years does someone have to repent for a mistake? This interview was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. The interviewers took it so lightly. Bringing up a mistake which was almost two years ago and then insulting someone by saying Block B is like Big Bang and Zico is just in GD cosplay as ‘a joke’. Is this professional? Is this okay? No it’s not. Yet, Zico still sits and endures and shows us all how strong and sincere he is by not falling apart. I respect you, so much man. TT

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super junior m = hardworking businessmen

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